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 June 6, 2020  
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Ozone Park is a New York City neighborhood located in the southwestern section of the borough of Queens bordering Woodhaven, Richmond Hill, Howard Beach, and the borough of Brooklyn, about 8 miles east-southeast of Midtown Manhattan.

The northern border is Atlantic Avenue, the western border is Drew Street (City Line) at the Brooklyn border, the southern border is South Conduit Avenue, and the eastern border is 108th Street. It is the home of the Aqueduct Racetrack, a popular spot for thoroughbred racing.


Two partners, Benjamin W. Hitchcock and Charles C. Denton, began carving farmland into building lots after the New York. Housing was first developed in the area after the Long Island Rail Road began service through the area in 1880 as part of its route from Long Island City to Howard Beach. The name "Ozone Park" was chosen to "lure buyers with the idea of refreshing breezes blowing in from the Atlantic Ocean to a park-like community".

Since its beginnings, Ozone Park has been largely populated by different groups of immigrants. The first to settle into the town were the Italians, who are the largest ethnic group in the neighborhood. Most of the current Italians in the neighborhood are originally from Brooklyn.

Ozone Park is one of Queens’ Little Italy‘s, retaining a large Italian population. In the past few years however, a considerable number of immigrants from South Asia, the West Indies (Indo-Trinidadians), and South America (Indo-Guyanese) have moved in, bringing their culture with them and adding a diverse atmosphere to the neighborhood, which is especially apparent along Liberty Avenue near the neighborhood's border with Richmond Hill.[6] These new arrivals have made Ozone Park become one of the fastest-growing and ethnically diverse neighborhoods in New York City. Aside from these larger groups, there is an African-American minority, spread throughout the neighborhood.

Residents vary from working-class to middle-class families, who own or rent private homes on the neighborhood's tree-lined residential streets. There are pockets of wealthier areas in the southern part of the neighborhood close to the Belt Parkway.

There are many bus routes that run through Ozone Park. The Q7 runs on Rockaway Boulevard, Q21 and Q41 run on Cross Bay Boulevard, Q11 up Woodhaven Boulevard, Q112 on Liberty Avenue, the Q8 on 101st Avenue, and the Q24 on Atlantic Avenue.

The New York City Subway's IND Fulton Street Line (A) runs along Liberty Avenue, and becomes elevated upon entering the neighborhood from Brooklyn. The station at Rockaway Boulevard is a major junction between trains heading towards the Ozone Park-Lefferts Boulevard station and trains heading to Far Rockaway-Mott Avenue, an often confusing or unknown detail for tourists on their way to JFK Airport on the latter line.

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